Your Perfect Place in the Sun

There may be no such place but perhaps one of our West Valley communities comes close. That is, pretty close to what you imagine as the “perfect place” to lay down new roots, start anew in a new phase of life, turn the page on a new chapter of your life’s story. Such stories are written by the thousands by those who have made the choice to settle here.

It is not an easy choice to uproot from friends and family and leave behind all that has come to be so familiar. The little things that we take for granted like the routine trip to a grocery store, the family doctor that has known you and your kids for years or the career that has become a part of your life. These will be left behind. So, where do you go? Will there ever be another sense of community, a sense of the familiar? Our West Valley communities are designed to help you answer these and many other such questions. The simple answer to your questions is: YES.

First, what is it you seek in a community? Are you looking for a home that offers everything you could possibly want in a convenient fashion? Perhaps you want your primary mode of transportation to be a golf cart. A trip to the grocery store, hardware store, bank or doctor can be a 5-minute outing. You’ll find that in Sun City or Sun City West. The convenience also comes with a price. Tens of thousands of people have made that choice and that means traffic and some congestion. You’ll sit at stop lights, search for parking spaces in at the many stores, wait for an appointment to see a doctor. There will be people everywhere. For many of us the convenience is worth the price. Life is easier when all you do is get in a golf cart and go. There are other life style choices.

If you prefer living in a smaller community where there are no stop lights and busy intersections, you will find it in communities such as Corte Bella or Sun City Festival. But, these communities also require some sacrifice. To do any shopping or to see a doctor you must get in your car and drive. From Festival, it is a 15 to 30-minute drive to most anything. Shorter if you choose Corte Bella which is on the north side of Sun City West. An advantage of these communities is the peace and quiet. Rather than hearing automobile traffic about the only sound you’ll hear in Sun City Festival at night is the sound of Coyotes in the desert.

Then there are the architectural choices. In Sun City you’ll find mid-century floor plans with lower ceilings and smaller rooms. In Sun City Festival plans are much more open with high ceilings and spacious rooms. This is the black and white of it and the extreme. You will find everything in between at Sun City West or Sun City Grand.

What is your perfect world? We’d love the opportunity to help you find it and help you find the good life in Arizona.