Time to Move On?

A retired Army Captain once stymied a Life is Good in Arizona team member when he asked the simple question “when’s your birthday?”. It just so happens the birthday anniversary is March 4th. When the retired Captain heard that he said “the only command date of the calendar”. He promptly turned and walked away leaving our colleague wondering ‘what did he mean by that?’.

We’ve always liked the month of March. It’s the month where all of us, no matter our heritage, are likely to find a little Irish in us on St. Patty’s Day. It also signifies the beginning of spring. Even here in the desert we appreciate the new beginnings seen in nature as spring arrives. Now, back to our team member who had the mysterious exchange with the retired Captain. We thought about it and thought about it. Finally, our birthday boy had a chance run in with the Army Captain and straight out ask what he meant when he said “it’s the only command date of the calendar”. No sooner had he asked when the meaning  hit  like a ton of bricks. When you say March 4th to a soldier you’re not saying the date on the calendar, you’re giving a command: MARCH FORTH!

This gives us here in the Life is Good real estate team a whole new meaning to the month of March. To us, it means moving forward, taking care of business and striving to meet the needs of those who come to us to buy that home, to sell an existing home or just to offer advice on how best to manage  residential options.

While March is a special month to us we hope it is to you also. March forth, move on, maybe it is time to buy your first retirement home or move into that dream home in one of our great communities. Is it your time to MARCH FORTH?  Perhaps we can make this March your month to move on.