Choose the Good Life in Arizona

When choosing a community how does one stay focused on things that matter and eliminate those items that do not? To begin it’s helpful to, in the words of the ancient Greeks, “know thyself”. There are such good choices of lifestyle in the West Valley. From the granddaddy of them all, Sun City to the newest and modern, Sun City Festival. Each with its’ own character and its’ own offerings. What do you want in a community?

Sun City is a mega retirement community. There are approximately 27,000 homes. Within its’ borders you find everything imaginable. From grocery stores to medical facilities. Need something from the hardware or drug store? No matter, just jump in your golf cart and go. Got a doctor appointment or need emergency medical care? Again, you’re within minutes of both. Streets in Sun City are wide and easy to navigate whether in a car or golf cart (any street with a speed limit of 35 miles an hour or less are okay for carts). There are state highways that traverse the town making it much less than an hour from Sky Harbor International Airport. Need to catch a flight? Leave your car and take a shuttle. We’ve written before on some of the important considerations when choosing a community and in Sun City you’ll find much to consider. Sun City may have been the first but it is not by any means the final choice.

Following the incredible and perhaps unexpected rapid success of Sun City Del Webb realized there needed to be more. Styles were changing as were the people looking to enjoy an active lifestyle in these warm climates. Thus, was born Sun City West. Like the original Sun City West is a self-contained community which features almost everything you could possibly want or need. Play golf? There are several inexpensive courses from which to choose. Need easily accessible medical care? Check. Need groceries, furniture, banking, specialty shops of all kinds? Check. Want to use a golf cart as your primary daily driver? Check. Need professional services such as lawyers, dentists, financial advisors? Check. You name it, you’ll find it in this newer community. Building off the successes of Sun City, Sun City West came to be, with newer architecture and more modern facilities. Soon it had grown to almost 17,000 houses and yet the need was not satisfied.

Sun City Grand was a slight departure from the original two Del Webb communities. Just to the west of Sun City West it almost appears to be gated. There is a gate-like entry off Bell Road yet there is no guard. The community is, for the most part surrounded by a wall yet there’s no pretense it is closed. The lush landscaping and water features that are seen as you drive in give the appearance you have just entered a very special place. There are some commercial services within these walls but not nearly as many as seen in the Valley’s first two active adult towns. You’ll find banks, drug store, restaurants and some other services. Grocery stores, hardware stores and many other shops are still accessible by golf cart but are not within the community. Sun City Grand is gorgeous a top consideration as you search for a retirement home. Even this is not the end of choices for you.

The West Valley is seemingly ever-expanding. The need for more senior housing continues to grow and so do your choices. Sun City Grand is not its own city. It is part of the city of Surprise, Arizona. As you travel west on Bell Road through Surprise you’ll reach the edge of town and the road opens to the Sonoran Desert. The road changes name and becomes Sun Valley Parkway. Keep driving and you’re surrounded by incredible landscape featuring the giant Saguaro (pronounce soo-ar-oh) Cactus and on your left the White Tank Mountains. Keep driving. Eleven open miles later you’ll come to Del Webb’s newest community, Festival Ranch. This desert ranch has two parts. On one side is Festival Foothills. This is a family neighborhood with one and two story homes. There’s an elementary school and playground smack dab in the middle of this community. On the other side is Sun City Festival. It is currently under development. There are a few thousand homes now with plans to build out to just over 7,000 when it’s done. There’s a state of the art recreation center and a championship golf course. The homes feature the latest open floor plan designs and energy efficient building technology. Grocery stores, medical facilities, and all the other commercial services are about a 15 to 30-minute drive. Many residents love the peace and quiet beauty of being “way out there”. To Festival residents the drive is no more than many dealt with when living in cities back east or west or up north. They don’t see it as inconvenient.

So, when we say your choices start with the ancient Greek saying “know thyself” we mean you may want to stop, consider, decide what lifestyle works for you. Do you want the hustle and bustle of a big town with thousands of miles of streets, stop lights, neighborhoods, and many recreation facilities? Do you prefer a more sedate setting out in the desert but not as convenient to shopping? As you make these decisions make one other important choice. Choose the Life is Good in Arizona real estate team. We can help you find what you want in the next phase of your Good Life!